2024 Annual  Meeting

The 2024 Annual Meeting was held on Wednesday, January 17th at Newmont Farm, Bradford, VT

Special thanks to Walt and Margaret Gladstone for hosting; and to Willie, Becky, Abby, Heather, and Tom for presenting.  And Thank You everyone for getting together.  It was really great to see so many people in person.  There were 71 of us there - more than half farmers.

We didn't get to everything on our agenda, so let's plan to get together again.  More on that to come.

Meeting Notes Here: Click for meeting minutes

Recording Here: Click for the Zoom recording (use this passcode: c1&sL#MS)

Annual Meeting Agenda

Wednesday 1/17/24, 11 am - 3 pm

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Meeting ID: 828 9455 9525

Passcode: 645349

11:00 am Call to Order/Approval of Agenda/Introductions

11:10 am Executive Director remarks

11:15 am 2024 CRWFA Plan (Mike)

11:30 am Fertility Conversation 1: Minerals, Cations, and Liming for Soil Health (Willie Gibson)

12:00 pm Lunch 

12:25 pm     John Roberts, FSA-Vermont

12:30 pm     Jennifer Byrne, WR NRDC

12:35 pm Fertility Conversation 2: Nitrogen Management, the PSNT (Becky Maden, Abby Augarten)

  1:00 pm Conversation 3: After the Flood: What to do with flooded and damaged fields? (Heather Darby, Tom Beaudry)

   1:30 pm Follow-up conversation for presenters about nutrient management and field health (all)


   1:50 pm Break, end of public meeting


   2:00 pm Farmers-only business

   Brief Survey: ag plastics (Guy, Mike)

  Financial report, 2023 (Linda)

  2023 Annual meeting minutes (Beth)

  Board nominations (Bill)

  2:15 pm Guided Conversation: Some stories, some worries, some talk about the future (all)

  3:00 pm Adjournment

2 x Water Quality Training Credits for Farmers and Custom Applicators

Come early for the NRCS VT State Technical Committee meeting, 9:30am - 10:45am