Ag Plastics

April 25, 2024:

Used Bale Wrap Wanted


Ag Plastic - bale wrap wanted.  Interested?  

Contact us by email: 

Or fill out this form: Used Bale Wrap Form

We are working on an ag plastic recycling project.  Our first step is to collect enough bale wrap to make 1 compacted bale.  We’ll send that to a recycler for them to test for us.  If all goes well, we’ll expand the program.  We want the cost of recycling farm plastic to be less than, or competitive with, what you already spend to landfill it.


If you’re interested in recycling bale wrap this spring 2024, fill out the online form, or send us an email with this information:


1. Name and farm name

2. Your location - farm address

3. Approximate number of bales you feed out

4. How do you store it after unwrapping and how dirty is it (photos welcome).  Rocks and gravel not good, some juice or water okay (but the cleaner the better)


We’ll then get back to you individually.