Practicing land stewardship for clean waterways, productive landscapes and the economic sustainability of our agricultural community.

CRWFA provides members with a variety of opportunities, resources and services.

  • Educational workshops in innovative farming practices like cover cropping, reduced tillage, crop rotation, etc.
  • Farm tours for observation of good stewardship practices and chance to network with other regional farmers.
  • Resources to help farmers learn more about agricultural topics, and how to communicate key points to other stake holders including legislatures. CRWFA provides this through a website and periodic news letter.
  • Collaboration with other related organizations throughout the watershed region. These include UVM/UNH Extension, conservation districts, citizen watershed groups and others. We welcome the expanded resource network these groups provide to members of CRWFA.


Thanks to the Agency of Agriculture Capital Equipment Assistance Program, the CRWFA has purchased a No Till Drill! This drill will be lent to local farmers to help them improve crop soil health, promote local water quality, and renovate pastures for better grazing practices. If you are interested in renting it, please contact Steve Stocking at 802-333-4840.

Keep visiting our website to learn about the upcoming No-Till Drill workshops and information sessions.